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Welcome to Dryden Street Elementary!

Dryden Street Elementary School provides a welcome and stimulating learning environment for Westbury’s youngest scholars. Our school houses the St. Joseph’s Pre-K Program and the Westbury Union Free School District’s Kindergarten Program.

St. Joseph’s Pre-K Program provides a half-day school experience for students who are four years old by December 1st, during their year of enrollment. Pre-K teachers participate in professional development experiences with the kindergarten faculty. Both staff groups collaborate on curriculum and school programs.

Dryden Street Elementary School infuses 21st Century technology into our full-day kindergarten instructional program. Every classroom has an interactive SMART Board. Students are able to demonstrate their skills on these boards and model for their peers. The Smart Boards are used to support the Journeys English Language Arts (ELA) Program, Go Math! Program, and Science Dimensions Program. Teachers enjoy researching topics of interest to the students and displaying photos, pictures, and text on the Smart Boards.

Dryden Street Elementary School has a partnership with Old Westbury Gardens. Classes visit the gardens throughout the year, to learn about nature and the changing seasons. Our budding scientists look forward to this trip. In the spring, all kindergarten families can enjoy a night in the gardens. The children escort their families around the gardens and the tour ends with everyone having dinner.

Our energetic youngsters benefit from a rigorous physical education program. They exercise, have an introduction to team sports, and receive a foundation in health education.

All of our students want to learn how to read. As they are learning their letters and sounds, classroom teachers model reading aloud to their children. Every class is equipped with a vast library with books on a variety of topics. Youngsters have daily class time to enjoy selecting books from classroom libraries to assist them in learning how to read.

Each class is scheduled to visit the school library weekly. Classroom teachers conduct a lesson there. Afterwards, the students are able to select books to borrow for a week. Students love visiting the library and sitting on a sofa or beanbag to read.

All of the Dryden Street Elementary School students know that….