Welcome to the Westbury UFSD PTA/SEPTA

    Founded in 1897, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a national volunteer organization dedicated to establishing a united home-school relationship that will secure for all children and youth, the greatest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. New York PTA is an affiliate of the national association that is comprised of the local PTA's in each school organization and it's individual schools. 

    Each school in the Westbury UFSD has a PTA unit. The Westbury Council of PTA is the coordinating body comprised of its own executive committee, representatives from individual units, and the Superintendent of Schools.


    Westbury PTA Council 

    President, Gloria Rosenau

    Vice President, Vivian Hernandez

    Secretary, Tania Stamp

    Treasurer, Isabella Lomax-Hamilton

    Corresponding Secretary, Ren Zelaya

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