• Superintendent of Schools

    Mr. Eudes S. Budhai
    Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Bloom

    Dr. Roger Bloom
    Assistant Superintendent for Personnel



    Ms. Lyne M. Taylor
    Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations



    Mr. Guy Forman
    Director of Facilities and Maintenance
    (516) 876-5103
    mm Ms. Maria-Angelica Meyer
    Director, Instruction, Assessments and Funded Programs
    (516) 874-1833/1834
     Doric Capsis Mr. Doric Capsis
    Director, Athletics, Phys. Ed., Health Education
    (516) 876-5075

     D.Faulkner Ms. Deadra Faulkner
    Director of Guidance

    (516) 876-5054
    Mr. Varuolo Mr. Rocco Varuolo
    Director of Instructional Technology and Information Services
    (516) 876-5144
    Mr. Santiago Mr. Jorge Santiago Jr.
    Director, Special Education
    (516) 874-1878

    Transportation Office
    (516) 876-5011


    School Nutrition Services
    (516) 876-5022