• Superintendent of Schools

    Mr. Eudes S. Budhai
    Superintendent of Schools

    Roger Bloom

    Dr. Roger Bloom
    Assistant Superintendent for Personnel

    Ms. Lyne M. Taylor


    Ms. Lyne M. Taylor
    Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations



    Mr. Guy Forman
    Director of Facilities and Maintenance
    (516) 876-5103
    Maria Ms. Maria-Angelica Meyer
    Director, Instruction, Assessments and Funded Programs
    (516) 874-1833/1834
     Doric Mr. Doric Capsis
    Director, Athletics, Phys. Ed., Health Education
    (516) 876-5075

     Deadre Ms. Deadra Faulkner
    Director of Guidance
    (516) 876-5054
      Dr. Thomas DeNicola
    Director of Instructional Technology and Information Services
    (516) 876-5144
    Jorge Mr. Jorge Santiago Jr.
    Director, Special Education
    (516) 874-1878

    Mr. John Robertson - Transportation Office
    (516) 876-5011


    Mr. Jeffery Reid

    Assistant Business Administrator



    School Nutrition Services
    (516) 876-5022