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    Eudes S. Budhai, Superintendent
    The process for selecting the right community and schools can be overwhelming. You want to send your children to schools that not only offer academic interests and career interests, but also schools where they feel challenged, safe, accepted, and most importantly, happy.

    The staff in the Westbury School District lives and teaches the ideals of community, and these principles show in our complete dedication to, and care of, our students. We promise always to work with your child and you throughout their educational experience. We offer exceptional programs that enrich students' experiences: viable high-level curriculum, blended learning, elementary and secondary Honor Societies, STEAM, Advanced Placement Courses, college-level courses, service learning, extended day programs that meet and exceed students' needs.

    The Westbury UFSD is on the path of excellence as our students attained the bronze level in the Best High Schools by US News and Advanced Placement District Honor Roll by the College Board.

    We will continue to challenge ourselves but we will need your support and look forward to meeting the community’s expectations!

    Remember, the guidance you provide your child in their K-12 educational experience and their college choice is extremely important. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or your building Principals and support staff if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the services we provide.