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Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Robin Barnett
Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Curriculum & Instruction
T: 516.874.1817

Brendan Gallivan
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Curriculum & Instruction
T: 516.874.1817


The possibilities are endless if we can imagine the unimaginable. Our responsibility and obligation is to provide experience that will lead to critical thinkers, inquisitive citizens, and innovators.  Through this, we can develop “Grit” in ourselves, students, and community.  Passion and perseverance begin within ourselves and we believe that our students can succeed. 

For this reason, the district has embraced Professional Learning Communities that foster a growth mindset for practitioners, students, and their families. We are on the path to improving our practice by working collaboratively, setting clear learning goals for curriculum and instruction, and learning from one another about what teaching strategies work best to ensure that all of our students are career-and-college ready. This continuous journey will set us on course to meet the Next Generation Learning Standards, use data to drive instruction and measure our effectiveness through valid and reliable instruments.  We will prioritize our efforts to increase professional development and promote a student-centered approach to teaching and learning that ensure success for all Westbury scholars.

Our district has embarked on a number of district-wide initiatives including:

With the support of the Superintendent, Board of Education, the community and a variety of funding sources, our district has the infrastructure to provide a high level of technological opportunities for teachers and students.  Our schools have been able to make significant technological advancements to increase the effectiveness of instruction and an innovative system of accountability.  We plan to improve the use of technology to enhance the learning of our students and to communicate better with our parents and all of the Westbury community.  This will build a bridge to effective teaching and learning and communication and become a 21st Century Learning Community.

  • Consistent Assessment Practice (Universal Screener, Diagnostic Tool, Progress Monitoring)
  • Consistent Reading Program K-5
  • Consistent Mathematics Program K-5
  • Consistent Science Program K-5
  • Implementation of the C3 Framework for Social Studies
  • Advanced eighth grade Regents courses
  • Increased Advanced Placement Courses
  • Integrated SAT/ACT within our secondary level curriculum
  • Exposed our students to college and career experiences
  • Response to Intervention (Tiers I,II,III Core Curriculum for Interventions)
  • Infused Technology as an Instructional Tool