• Mathematics

    Welcome to the Westbury School District Mathematics Department

    The mathematics program is designed to give students a useful and enjoyable experience. Our K – 12 program integrates technology and manipulatives in order to enhance learning.

    One of the major goals is to generate critical thinking skills and enable students to apply their knowledge of mathematics in order to analyze and solve unfamiliar problems in the real world.

    At the elementary level, students are learning mathematics through many modalities. Using a constructivist approach in a student centered learning environment, students use authentic situations to develop their own understanding of each mathematical concept.

    At the middle level, the focus is the Algebra Strand where the elementary concepts are extended and sustained. At the high school level, there is a rigorous range of courses which provide students with the opportunity to proceed at their own pace and achieve success.

    All of the math courses offered require the use of the graphing calculator and other forms of technology to enhance their study of mathematics.