• First Time Users

    In order to Access the Westbury Parent Portal please follow these directions:

    The first time you logon you will need the following Campus Portal Activation Key to create a unique user name and password for future use:

    For a printable version of  these instructions including pictures of the various screens, click here.

    1. Log on to the secure Internet address for the Parent Portal
      (This link can also be accessed by clicking on the Parent Portal icon located on the district website, and on the homepage of each school.)
    1. Click on HELP  ^ . Then click on the link following the sentence “If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key, click here”
    1. Enter the Portal Activation Key provided in the letter you received into the appropriate boxes.
      Click on the Submit button when you are done.
    1. You now must create a User Name and Password.
      1. Type your desired User Name in the area indicated.
      2. Type your desired Password in the area indicated. (it must be a minimum of 6 characters)
      3. Retype your password.
      4. Click on the Create Account button when you are done.
        [Note: It is important that you keep your access information private and do not share it with anyone].
    1. You are now ready to log into the system!
      Click on the link indicated to access the Parent Portal login page.
    1. In the boxes indicated, type in the Username and Password you created in step 4. Click on the Log In button when you are done.
    1. You are now in the Parent Portal!  By clicking on
      • the Schedule link you will be able to view your child’s schedule.
      • the Attendance link you will be able to view your child’s daily attendance. [Please remember to wait 24 to 48 hours before you call the Attendance Office to report any errors.]
      • the Assessment link you will be able to view a record of your child’s NY State assessments.
      • the Reports link you will be able to view your child’s most recent secondary report card
      • the Payments - allows you to view and pay the cafeteria charges incurred
      • the Grades tab will show you the students grades, Assignments and any missing assignments
    1. In the interest of security, make sure to click the Log Off link when you are done.