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    Westbury Board of Education Announces Kickoff

    of Search for Superintendent

    Westbury Board of Education has engaged the superintendent search firm, BWP & Associates, to conduct a national search to identify the best-qualified superintendent to lead the Westbury School District into the 2021-2022 school year and beyond. BWP & Associates has more than 40 years of nationwide experience in academic executive recruitment with a strong track record of more than 800 successful searches for school districts around the country. 

    BWP will solicit input from the Westbury community regarding the characteristics and qualifications they desire in a superintendent, market the Westbury opportunity to a diverse pool of potential applicants, recruit prospective candidates, screen and vet applicants in addition to assisting the Board in selecting finalists and, ultimately, the most capable superintendent to lead the District starting in July 2021.  Information about the process, timeline, and how members of the community can provide input as well as periodic updates about the progress of the search can be found on this page.  

    The superintendent search is an outgrowth of a written commitment the Westbury Board of Education made to the Westbury community four years ago to commence a national search, prior to entering into a four-year contract with current superintendent Eudes S. Budhai. That contract concludes at the end of this school year.  The current Westbury Board of Education has opted to take this opportunity to fulfill the promise made by the previous Board to conduct a  nationwide search. The Westbury Board of Education has invited Mr. Budhai to be a candidate in this process.

    The Board is confident that conducting a search, which hasn’t been done in Westbury for more than twenty years, will ensure it is putting students, staff, and the community in the hands of the leader who is best suited to continue moving the District forward in the years ahead.

    It is the Board's responsibility to regularly evaluate the strategies and personnel we have in place to lead our district to ensure we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of our students, staff, and community. BWP will partner with the Board of Education, staff, our students, PTAs and other community stakeholders to identify the qualities we want in a superintendent and use that information to select candidates that best satisfy those specifications.

    BWP has been charged with recruiting a highly diverse candidate pool that reflects the Board's commitment to equity and inclusion. BWP itself is a diverse organization, with 50% of the partnership represented by women and minorities.

    The search firm will make a brief presentation about the search process at the Board of Education’s regularly scheduled Planning Meeting on March 11th.

    Interested stakeholders will be able to provide input to the Board about the leadership needs of the District through focus groups later this month led by BWP & Associates as well as through an online survey which will be published in English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole. The information collected will be summarized and presented to the Board for its consideration in selecting a superintendent. The information presented to the Board will be made available to the public on the District’s website. It is expected that the entire process of choosing a superintendent will be completed by the end of May. 

    Westbury residents should anticipate receiving a link to an online survey on March 12th, invitations to participate in focus groups on March 22nd followed by a community meeting on March 23rd to share thoughts about the characteristics and qualifications wanted in a Superintendent.  

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