Westbury Middle School

Dedicated to excellence in education

  • New Update Governor Cuomo Extends School Closure 
    for the remainder of the academic school year.

  • Westbury Middle School
    Phone: (516) 876-5082

    Principal: Mr. Fernando A. Agramonte: fagramonte@westburyschools.org
    Assistant Principal: Ms. Felicia H. Crawford: fcrawford@westburyschools.org
    Assistant Principal: Dr. Christy Baralis: cbaralis@westburyschools.org:
    Dean: Mr. Fahy- Grade 6 A-J, Grade 8 
    Dean: Ms. DiIorio - Grade 6 K-Z, Grade 7

    Bell Schedule
    Period 1 - 7:35 - 8:23
    Period 2 - 8:26 - 9:11
    Period 3 - 9:14 - 9:59
    Period 4 - 10:02 - 10:47
    Period 5 - 10:51 - 11:36
    Period 6 - 11:39 - 12:24
    Period 7 - 12:27 - 1:12
    Period 8 - 1:18 - 2:05


    Our Philosophy

    Westbury Middle School proudly reflects the multi-racial, multi-ethnic community of which we are a part.  Our staff and students, along with parents and the community, join together in providing an educational environment, which fosters the growth of all.  We hold the following beliefs about all of our students:

    • each is capable of learning
    • each can achieve excellence
    • each needs the support of a nurturing family, a supportive community, and an effective school system.”

    Our staff has the responsibility to maintain an educational program of excellence.  We attempt to involve the learner - individually, in small groups, and as a whole class by providing relevant, valid hands on activities, and by encouraging active participation.

    Our students have the responsibility to bring to the educational setting their attention, their effort, and their willingness to learn.  They are encouraged to share their talents with each other, with their school, and with their community.

    Our parents and our community have the responsibility to support our staff and students individually and collectively – through their interest, time, and resources.  They are urged to communicate their ideas and concerns and to work with staff members and students to solve problems and achieve mutual goals.

    The growth of each individual into a self-fulfilled, successful, responsible member of our changing society must be the standard by which our educational efforts are judged.


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